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CCTV, Burglar Alarms & CCTV Test Meters

Home security systems have been among the big winners from the advances in AV technology in recent years.  The same camera and recording technology developments which have made webcams and video conferencing possible, have also made security cameras accessible to the average householder and small business owner for the first time.

But just because camera systems have been progressing, that doesn’t mean that the development of other types of security systems has stood still.  Burglar alarms are still a vital ingredient among measures to keep your property safe, and the latest models available have been made to excel where previous types failed.  The features available from wireless burglar alarms has elevated them to one of the hottest products on the market currently, and homeowners should be determined not to get left behind when considering their arrangements.

The very latest systems allow different types of intruder deterrents – eg, CCTV cameras and alarm sensors – to be combined into one effective system.  Let’s take a look at the advantages of the technology, and how it can be used.

Whereas CCTV cameras used for large premises such as factories are bulky, heavy-duty units, the latest security cameras designed for home and small business use are streamlined and inconspicuous.  This is because they are designed to operate using the latest wireless technology, communicating with a central hub and DVR which stores the images.  Assembling a CCTV system for your home is simpler than you may think, and they can be used in conjunction with the latest intruder alarms.

It has been many decades since burglar alarms for homes became common, and houses up and down the country began sprouting those ugly metal boxes on exterior walls, which were connected by wires to the various windows and doors of the property.  However, these wires often proved to be a weak point in such systems, and could be tampered with if intruders knew what they were doing.  In an attempt to design a better burglar alarm, wireless technology has been harnessed to eliminate this flaw.

The result is intruder alarm sensors and cameras which cannot be disabled simply by cutting a wire.  Types available include door and window detectors, motion sensors, and cameras.  All these devices run on battery power, and communicate wirelessly with monitoring software, to make it harder than ever for an intruder to sneak up on them.  By fitting wireless burglar alarms UK residents and business owners can offer themselves increased peace of mind when they leave their premises.

Better still, your security hub can be set up to notify you by means of your mobile ‘phone if your wireless alarm system is triggered, and even forward photographs if available.  This is a big improvement over the days when bells would ring forlornly for hours with no one taking any notice.  Smart modern intruder alarms are taking security to the next level, so check out these products and see what they have to offer you.

To learn more about what is available for your CCTV or wireless burglar alarm system, contact our team today.