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Thor 4K Image Enhancing UHD 60Hz HD Upscaling HDMI 2m Cable / Lead

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BRAND: SY Electronics
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The Thor 4K Image Enhancing Cable works differently from other HDMI cables on the market, It comes complete with a state of the art processing chip.

Its performance is so good that it’s certified by Technicolor. The chip uses the latest technology to analyse the incoming signal before adjusting the definition, sharpening the edge lines and even reducing any video noise before sending this enhanced signal to the TV screen.
So how does the Thor 4K Image Enhancing Cable work?

Detail Enhancement:

Brings out the finest level of detail in the image without enhancing artefacts. Important when up-scaling and ideal for immersing yourself in your favourite movie or game.

Edge Restoration:

Refines jagged edges in the image to give crystal clear legibility to menu text or BD live content. Great for getting the best experience from your Smart Blu-Ray Player or connected Games Console, receiver or PVR.

Noise Reduction:

All video content contains a certain amount of digital noise. Our advanced algorithms can minimise this, while preserving the true details. Especially good for old SD content.

Video Upscaling:

Our Ultra High Definition scaler will detect the incoming image quality and upscale it with 10bit precision, to the optimum resolution for your TV. All the way up to 4K Ultra HD.*

*When connected to a 4K Ultra HD Television with a native resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels.

1 Year Included