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Audio Adapters & Distribution

At Red Apple AV, we are the specialists for supplying audio adapters and audio distribution equipment.  We can help you to find the right equipment to get the very best out of your sound system.  Getting the right equipment is essential for your audio system.

When it comes to any system, the overall quality is only as strong as the weakest link.  Perhaps you have heard this phrase; it means that no matter how many good components are in a system, the weakest component will be what lets it down.  This is certainly true in an audio system.  Whether it is a music system, part of a recording setup, a security CCTV system or something entirely different, even the best equipment can be let down if you do not have good quality audio distribution components.  Without good quality adapters and connections in the system, your good quality audio signals will be affected.  The best case outcome is that the output is of low quality, with crackling and hissing, and the worst case outcome is that you do not get any usable output.

At Red Apple AV, we supply a range of high quality audio adapters and distribution components which are ideal for all types of audio system.  Because we only supply good quality parts from reliable manufacturers, you can be confident that you are getting good value for money.  We stock components from a range of different leading brands.  We also offer a price match guarantee so that you can be confident that you are getting the best deal around.

Our sound distribution components are useful for a range of purposes, and we have parts for all types of audio systems.  Our audio cable adapters are essential if you need to convert from one type of connection to another.  This can commonly happen when combining two types of components together, or parts from different manufacturers.  The adapter allows the signal to pass from one type of connection into a cable that is connected by a different type of connection.

As well as cable adapters, we can supply audio convertors.  These work by changing the type of signal from one type to another.  A common example is transforming a digital signal into an analogue signal, or vice versa.  This can be necessary if parts of your system use different types of inputs and outputs which are not compatible.  The convertor transmits the signal in another form.

We also supply signal splitters.  These are used if you need to transmit the same signal to more than one device, for example if it needs to be transmitted to a recording unit as well as to a monitoring device.

We can supply signal extenders.  These can boost the range of a signal, allowing the audio to be transmitted over longer distances.

These are just a few examples of the audio adapters and distribution equipment that we stock.  For more information, contact our sales team who will be happy to help you find the components that you need.