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Weather & Waterproof TV's

Technology, and the information it provides, has never been so accessible.  Wherever you are, you can enjoy an episode of your favourite series, entertain your children with a showing of CBeebies, or catch up with the latest sport and news headlines.  Here at Red Apple AV, we are glad to provide the best equipment and products that also allows all of our customers the option to enjoy home entertainment systems, and commercial amenities and facilities wherever they please, including the outdoors or even in a bathroom.


We work hard to ensure that only provide from the best brands.  Our choice of waterproof and bathroom televisions are from Proof Vision, a leading London based supplier of water and weatherproof TV’s and electronics that began in 2008, and has an excellent reputation of providing for a large variety of customers, including in the hospitality sector and during huge outdoor events such as at Silverstone and for the Olympics.


Next to home, people like to enjoy special comforts and luxuries when looking for a place to unwind - such as at a spa or weekend getaway - and having extra features, such as bathroom TVs in every hotel room, or weatherproof TVs in the beer gardens and spa areas, may be all you need to make your commercial premises the ideal location for many of your customers.


Of course, one of the best places to relax and enjoy some entertainment is at home, where you can put your feet up, have a nice glass of your favourite tipple and relax in your own time.  Having a good weatherproof television set for outdoor use in a domestic or even commercial setting gives you the chance to really enjoy summer, nature, and all of the fresh air you can get with your friends and family for longer, without missing a chance to enjoy the latest blockbuster, or the best football matches, snooker games and tennis finals of the sporting season.


Not only can our choice of waterproof TVs provide you with all the entertainment you could need for out of doors, you can also purchase a waterproof bathroom TV.  Just imagine watching one of our televisions for bathrooms and enjoying a good soak, some self-care and much deserved pampering after a long day at work, or dealing with other cares of the day.  There’s also the option of watching and listening to your favourite artists music as you sit in a hot bath, perhaps with a scented bubble bath, bath bomb or salts to soak in.


Music festivals, galas, summer fares, school sporting events and rallies, and so forth, can all be accommodated with these high-quality, safe waterproof televisions.  This means that no one misses the entertainment and excitement of the event, even if there are plenty of crowds around.  These televisions can also be used out of doors for commercial use for presentations, sales and for general information booths.

Whatever you require an outdoor, waterproof television for, we have the units available for you.  Please contact us today for any further information on any of our products.