Price match information

How to Make a Claim

Send an email to admin @ with the following:
The Product Code (or link to the product on our website). The product has to be available and from a UK company
The name of the website you saw the cheaper item on, together with a screenshot of the offer and details of full price.
Your full name, and a contact telephone number in case we need to reach you.
We’ll review the details and get back to you with an answer, via email, within one working day.

Full Terms & Conditions

The Price Match Guarantee will only apply to items currently available as per the listings on It does not apply if you make your purchase through our Amazon or eBay eStores and come back to us afterwards for the price match.

The Price Match Guarantee will only apply to items on the website which are then compared to offers made on another website that is priced in pounds sterling.

The Price Match Guarantee request must be emailed to the address above, and include all of the required supporting information, specified on the website.

Before we can accept your request, we must be satisfied that:
(a) the product you found on the other website are identical
(b) the product you found on the other website was available to order on that website (i.e. not subject to availability or on request) at the time you took your screenshot, and is priced fully and accurately.

The Price Match Guarantee will not apply if the cheaper offer on the other website is obtained via a limited time promotion, promo code, cash back, coupon, voucher or member’s discount.
When assessing your request, we will only compare total product prices (which will include the cost of the product plus handling and delivery charges as well as any taxes, fees or other charges.
We reserve the right to change or withdraw the Price Match Guarantee at any time.