Roof Mounted Dish Systems

Roof Mounted Dish Systems

Are you looking for a roof mounted dish system for a motorhome or caravan? If so, look no further than our extensive range of competitively priced models by leading manufacturers. At Red Apple AV, we supply choices to suit all budgets and technical requirements. For help choosing the model that is right for you, contact our sales team who are ready to provide the support and advice that you need.


When thinking about roof mounted satellite dish for your motorhome or caravan, Increasingly, people are enjoying the liberty of getting out in the British countryside for relaxation and leisure. But getting out in nature does not mean that you cannot enjoy a wide selection of television channels from the comfort of your accommodation. A roof mounted satellite for motorhomes & caravans is the solution that you need to enhance your holiday experience by giving you access to the entertainment that you want.


A motorhome or caravan roof dish is easy to set up and use. They are designed for easy installation and connection, so that no time is wasted whilst you are on holiday. The dishes are located on the roof of the caravan or motorhome, where they can pick up the signal clearly, even if you are in an isolated camping location, far away from towns and urban areas. The signal is easy to display on all makes and models of television inside your accommodation.


The units that we stock are available in a wide range of specifications and cater to all budgets. For example, we stock options with a traditional dish design, as well as models with a flat design that are less conspicuous. We also supply single and twin receiver models, depending on your personal requirements. Some models are manual, which gives you direct control over aligning the skew of the receiver to detect the right signals. We also supply a range of automatic options which will automatically track and follow signals for maximum convenience, by providing a high quality of reception without needing to make the adjustments yourself. For example, we sell the Maxview roof mounted dish, which provides a high degree of coverage as well as fully automatic adjustments for continual ease of viewing.


A satellite roof mounted dish is ideal in many holiday and recreation locations, including UK and Europe. They can also be a great choice for camp sites and isolated work sites if there is no physical connection available on the site.


At Red Apple AV, we are confident that we supply the range of caravan roof satellite dishes. If you need a roof mounted satellite for motorhomes, we are available to provide the choice you need, at highly competitive prices. For help in identifying the correct model, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today.


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