Optoma HZ40 Laser DLP 3D Ready Projector HDR 1080p HD Ready

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  • Optoma HZ40 Laser DLP 3D Ready Projector HDR 1080p HD Ready
  • Optoma HZ40 Laser DLP 3D Ready Projector HDR 1080p HD Ready
  • Optoma HZ40 Laser DLP 3D Ready Projector HDR 1080p HD Ready
  • Optoma HZ40 Laser DLP 3D Ready Projector HDR 1080p HD Ready
  • Optoma HZ40 Laser DLP 3D Ready Projector HDR 1080p HD Ready
  • Optoma HZ40 Laser DLP 3D Ready Projector HDR 1080p HD Ready


Product Description

Laser power for amazing clarity
Using Texas Instruments’ DMP DLP system with a laser phosphor light, the HZ40 is at the cutting-edge of projector technology. Laser power gives you many advantages. The first is the picture - with superb levels of contrast (2,500,000:1) and colour realism, it makes image quality far more lifelike. The light source should last longer than a typical projector bulb and provide a more consistent performance over its lifetime.

’Lights on’ performance with class-leading brightness
Boasting an outstanding brightness figure of 4000 ANSI Lumens, the HZ40 not only offers bright and vivid colours but is also able to be used in many lighting conditions. Even during daylight conditions with curtains or blinds open, the Optoma produces a bright and detailed picture – thanks to its sensational brightness.

HDR enhanced picture quality
Compatible with HDR video, the HZ40 lets you see far more detail and texture. HDR enhances the brightest and darkest sections of scenes – letting you see detail in what was previously a solid block of colour. It also makes the rest of the colour spectrum appear more natural, giving an even greater sense of ‘being there’.

Game mode
It’s not just movies and sports that look great on the big screen – gaming takes a massive step up, too. Switch the projector to Game mode and you get maximum contrast and vivid colour, bringing every detail to life.

Rec.709 for picture brilliance
Colour precision, resolution, frame rate and display specifications are all guaranteed by meeting one of the highest HD video standards seen in professional-grade home cinema today: Rec. 709. Instigated by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), Rec.709 approval means a true cinema-like appearance.

Pin sharp, 1080p detail from Texas instrument's DLP chip
Using Texas Instrument's DLP technology, this Optoma offers crystal clear clarity, sharply defined images and true, natural colour. Even at larger screen sizes, the detail is astounding and would have once been the preserve of projectors costing many times more. In order to make the most of high definition video sources, the Optoma will also project 1080p Full HD images, making it the perfect match for your Blu-ray player or Full HD gaming device.

Optional 3D
Impressive as the Optoma HZ40 is in 2D, it's only when you take advantage of the optional 3D system that the picture becomes truly immersive. Just add the optional Optoma 3D glasses system, connect up to a suitable source and enjoy 3D images that are every bit as bold as at the cinema. The optional glasses are also fully rechargeable.

With twin HDMI (1 x HDR compatible) sockets, the Optoma is well equipped to handle your digital sources. The HDMI interface is also compatible with MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). This lets you connect up a suitable smartphone or tablet to the HDMI socket and watch HD video, at up to 1080p Full HD, from your mobile device, on the big screen!

USB power to drive smart accessories
Featuring a handy USB power output, the HZ40 can be used to power USB-powered smart devices, such as the Google’s Chromecast, Roku or Amazon Fire TV. Plug Chromecast, or similar, in and you’ve easy access to smart video and TV services without the need for any other device or lengthy connection cables.

Enjoy a bigger, brighter picture for longer, with the Optoma HZ40.


1080p Full HD Ready Yes
Pixel Resolution 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio 2,500,000:1
Brightness 4000
Number of 3D Glasses Included None
3D TV Yes - With Optional Glasses
Speakers Yes
Carry Bag No
Maximum Screen Size 300
Projection Technology Laser DLP
Fan Noise 30dB
Throw Ratio 1.21:1 - 1.59:1
Lens Shift Yes
S Video No
Projector Technology dlp
Lumens 3000_plus
Power Consumption- Normal Use 206/269 (Min/Max)
Power Consumption - Standby 0.5
HDMI 2.0 Yes (1 only)
USB 1 - Power Output
Weight (KG) 5.5
Component No
Remote Control yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 337 x 265 x 123
HDMI 2_HDCP2_2_2


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Warranty Information

2 Year Included
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